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Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, a fast-growing Midlands company which produces specialist prescription generic & Raw materials pharmaceuticals, Focus, based in develops non-standard generic drugs which are outside the expertise of the major pharmaceutical companies operating in the generic export In particular, its portfolio comprises World specific products,generally oral liquids, injectables, lotions and ointments that are difficult to source, develop and licence. The company was formed
through a management buy-out from india.

Today the division boasts of a field force of more than 700 field personnel and a turnover of almost 20 crore per annum. Encouraged by its success in May 2000, the company launched their new concern, tajlifesciences Pharma. According to the information posted on the website of the company, today the division boasts of a field force of more than 700 field personnel and turnover of almost 20 crore (2000-2007). On the number front, Crore in 2006-07. This is a 43.17 percent rise Cover Rs 20 crore-the total export for earlier year.

     Pharma update News

 >>  Hirandani Hospital gets govt clearance for services in western India
 >>  Springer India launches Dentistry in India
>>  Taj Pharma expands generic portfolio through licensing with Tajlifesciences Pharma.        
>>   Workshop on 'Methods in Epidemiological Research' in Chennai from May 31

>>   Pharma MNCs record just 2% growth in net profit, sales up by 9.4% during 2008

>>   Taj  Pharma completes phase 2a trial for urology drug.

   >>   Genetic tests before prescription of drugs necessary: Medco expert.

>>   Cancer, heart diseases have connection with diabetes Expert.

AP Drug Dept directs Piramal Healthcare to recall batch of anti-diabetes drug from market.

    >>   New Product Introduced : Oseltamivir Phosphate, Phenyl Propanolamine, Phenylephrine, Etafedrine

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