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Eight facilities, 100 products high quality, competitive prices

Our API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) program began in 2006 with a simple objective - facilitating the manufacture of complex formulations, for which, sourcing the API would restrict entry
. Over time, we have been able to take the benefits of vertical integration to international markets and our Europian generic subsidiary, Asian, has been able to source the active of several key products to its advantage.

A range of APIs including complex actives like anticancer, steroids, peptides and hormones are manufactured in dedicated areas that follow international norms for systems and processes. Complex APIs, controlled substances, APIs for the regulated markets - all of these are expected to power our API strategy going ahead.

PN** Producer's Norms $ USDMF, # EDMF, * COS

Intermediates available on request for above Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. All transactions are carried out in conformity with patent laws applicable in the user country. Responsibility with respect to third party’s patent rights in a specific country lies exclusively with the buyer.

Pharmaceutical Bulk Actives

Apomorphine Hydrochloride
Galantamine Hydrobromide
Naloxone HCL
Naltrexone HCL

Fine Chemicals

*Bumex® (Denatonium Benzoate)
*Biumex® is a registered Trademark of Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited., Denatonium benzoate is such a powerful deterrent to help prevent accidental poisonings in young children and household pets. First used in denaturing alcohol – making is legally unfit for consumption – it is now added to a wide range of household cleaners, pesticides, DIY and automotive products.

Our expertise in organic synthesis and process development complemented by a controlled supply chain enables us to provide our customers with high quality Bulk Actives at competitive prices. We are aggressively building our product portfolio to cater to generic players in the emerging markets and generic and patent challenge formulators in regulated markets.





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