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Para Cresyl Acetate CAS NO. 140-39-6

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It is used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and vanillin


































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Para Cresyl Acetate
CAS NO. 140-39-6

Para Cresyl Acetate FORMULA C9H10O2


EINECS NO. 205-413-1
MOL WT. 150.18
H.S. CODE2916.35

SYNONYMS Acetic acid, p-tolyl ester; p-Acetoxytoluene;
p-Cresylic acetate; p-methyl phenyl acetate; p-tolyl acetate; 4-Acetoxytoluene; p-Cresol acetate;



PHYSICAL STATE clear liquid

NFPA RATINGS Health: 1; Flammability: 0; Reactivity: 0

STABILITY Stable under ordinary conditions.


Cresols are methyl substituted phenols at relative to the hydroxyl group, ortho-, meta-, and para-cresol. There are three structural isomers. The names of the three compounds indicate which of the hydrogens on the benzene ring portion of the molecule have been replaced. They are obtained from coal tar or petroleum. Because the boiling points of these three compounds are nearly the same, a separation of a mixture of the three into its pure components is impractical. They are highly flammable and are soluble in water, ethanol, ether, acetone and alkali hydroxides. T

The mixture of cresols obtained from coal tar is called cresylic acid, an important technical product used as a disinfectant and in the manufacture of resins and tricresyl phosphate. Cresylic acid also refs to the mixture of phenols containing varying amounts of xylenols, cresols, and other high-boiling fractions, but not more than 5 percent phenol. Commercial cresols are prepared in a wide range of grades and purities to meet the user's requirements. It is a liquid from clear to brown and is toxic to animals including human. It is corrosive and is a more powerful disinfectant and antiseptic than phenol. The primary use is for sterilizing as disinfectants and deodorizers, and pesticides.Its solution is used as household cleaners as a disinfectant. Creosote is a mixture of guaiacol, creosol and other phenolic compounds obtained from wood tar (mainly beech) by distillation mostly between 203 and 220 C. It is a clear to yellowish, oily liquid; insoluble in water, soluble in methanol, acetone. It is used as a wood preservative. It is used as an external antiseptic, expectorant, gastric sedative, deodorant, and as an antiseptic parasiticide veterinary use in the form of creosote carbonate.

It is used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and vanillin. Each cresols are used as solvents or disinfectants and as useful as raw materials for various chemical products icluding disinfectants, synthetic resins, fragrances, pigments, drugs, antioxidants, dyes, UV absorbers, and pesticides. Cresols undergo electrophilic substitution reactions such as chlorination, bromination, sulfonation and nitration at the vacant position. They also undergo condensation reactions with aldehydes, ketones or dienes. O-cresol is a starting material for the synthesis of herbicides such as 4,6-dinitro-o-cresol (DNOC) and 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (MCPA). Meta-cresol is used in the manufacture of explosives. Meta and para-cresol are used in phenol-formaldehyde resins and are converted to tricresyl phosphate used as a plasticizer and gasoline additive and antioxidants such as di-tert-butylcresols (BHT). Ortho- and para-cresols are used in the production of lubricating oils and motor fuels.

Acetate is the ester that an organic group replaces a hydrogen atom in -OH group of acetic acid through reaction (typically condensation) with alcohols. Condensation is the reaction in which two molecules having -OH groups are joined with eliminating a water molecule from their -OH groups. The term acetate is also for the salt that one or more of the hydrogen atoms of acetic acid are replaced by one or more cations of the base, resulting in a compound containing the negative organic ion of CH3COO-. Organic acetates are good solvents for a broad range of resins as they are miscible with almost all common organic liquids. Due to their powerful solvency, high volatility and mild odor, acetates are widely used in the manufacture and in the processing of paints, coatings, adhesives, and printing industry. They have a very low solubility in water and used as extraction solvents for fine chemicals particularly for certain antibiotics. They are also used as components of aroma. They are used as chemical intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings, cleaners, and other organic compounds.

p-Cresyl Acetate is used in formulating microbiocides and disinfectants. It is used in perfumeries and flagrances.


clear liquid
98.0% min
ACID VALUE 1.0 max (mg KOH/g)
PACKING 200kgs in drum


Note /Government Notification: These chemicals are designated as those that are used in the manufacture of the controlled substances and are important to the manufacture of the substances. For any (Control Substance) products Import and Export *** subjected to your country government laws /control substance ACT.
Information: The information on this web page is provided to help you to work safely, but it is intended to be an overview of hazards, not a replacement for a full Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). MSDS forms can be downloaded from the web sites of many chemical suppliers. ,also that the information on the PTCL Safety web site, where this page was hosted, has been copied onto many other sites, often without permission. If you have any doubts about the veracity of the information that you are viewing, or have any queries, please check the URL that your web browser displays for this page. If the URL begins " Benzoate.htm/" the page is maintained by the Safety Officer in Physical Chemistry at Oxford University. If not, this page is a copy made by some other person and we have no responsibility for it.
The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was enacted into law by the Congress of the United States as Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.[1] The CSA is the federal U.S. drug policy under which the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of certain substances is regulated. The Act also served as the national implementing legislation for the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs

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Para Cresyl Acetate

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